Department of Epidemiology (Medical University of Silesia, Poland) is an academic facility at the School of Medicine in Katowice. It provides education and training in epidemiology, environmental health, public health and biostatistics, through the regular courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The faculty and staff is composed of nine employees:
prof. Jan E. Zejda (head)
prof. Grzegorz Brożek (professor)
prof. Paweł Buszman (professor)

prof. Małgorzata Kowalska (professor)
dr Kamil Barański (adjunct)
dr Szymon Szemik (adjunct)
dr Maksymilian Gajda (academic assistant)
dr Angelina Kaleta-Pilarska (academic assistant)
mgr inż. Sylwia Sowa (research technician/administrative assistant)

Current Research Programs and Research Interests:

  • Environmental Epidemiology Program:
      • epidemiology of respiratory diseases (population-based studies of childhood asthma and respiratory allergies)
      • epidemiology of air pollution-related health effects (general and specific mortality, morbidity, symptom prevalence)
      • epidemiology of infectious diseases (viral hepatitis among health professionals)
  • Clinical Epidemiology Program:
      • validation of screening for childhood asthma
      • validation of screening for hypertension
      • participation and research consultancy in clinical trials (collaboration with clinical departments of the School of Medicine)

The Department of Epidemiology has active linkages with extramural groups and bodies, including the Committee of Epidemiology and Public Health – Polish Academy of Science (Prof. Zejda is the president of the committee), Polish Society of Epidemiology, Polish Society of Environmental Epidemiology, Polish Society of Public Health.