Information for students

We inform you that:

  • the final test of Biostatistics will be held at 28.05.2021 (starts at 14.00 – ends at 15.00 CET)
  • the final test of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health will be held at 01.06.2021 (starts at 10.00 – ends at 11.15 CET)
  • the final test of Basic Statistics will be held at 15.06.2021 (starts at 10.00 – ends at 11.00 CET)
  • the final test of Hygiene and Epidemiology will be held at 23.06.2021 (starts at 9.00 – ends at 11.00 CET)

The website address and password will be sent to each student to the university e-mail address.